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The Port of Vancouver serves as a gateway to the Asia Pacific region, connecting Canada with the growing world. As a critical link in Canada’s economy, the Port of Vancouver and its customers–the terminals, shipping lines, importers and exporters, and logistics providers– must collaborate to ensure the supply chain is strong, resilient, and sustainable.

The Port’s Trade Development team needed  to engage partners and customers in discussions around infrastructure, innovation and sustainability. Rather than pursue traditional business to business marketing methods to reach C-Suite execs and industry influencers, we decided to engage the audience in discussions about the stories of the Port through Breaking Bottlenecks, the Port’s first Podcast.

Hosted by Vancouver writer and historian, Aaron Chapman, each episode explores how the Port and its customers work together to remove common bottlenecks in the complex supply chain. The podcast is now in its 3rd season and has drawn the acclaim of people inside and outside the industry.

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