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The First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA) required a name, brand strategy and visual identity system for the launch of the first post-secondary learning centre in Canada designed by and for Indigenous health and wellness leaders. The new Centre For Indigenous Health Leadership (CIHL) will address the needs of First Nations Health Directors and build capacity to support leaders working in Indigenous health.

Wiseblood partnered with FNHDA to create a name and brand system for the Centre of Indigenous Health Leadership that was informed through research and stakeholder engagement and supported storytelling, student recruitment and partnership development. The visual system we developed reflects the two-eyed seeing approach to learning, rooted in the strengths of Indigenous and western knowledge, that empowers leaders in Indigenous health and wellness.

Project Team
Account Director

Amberlea Schaab

Creative Director

Dave Smith

Lead Strategist

Kyla Leslie

Senior Designer

Carmen Cheung

Assoc Creative Director

Darcy Twarog

Digital Partner